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HP Personal Cloud

The HP Personal Cloud prototype automatically creates a profile of your internet "self" by learning subjects and interests important to you across the web. All this can be tweaked to your liking, including managing your activity and how your internet profile is used by third party sites.

The goal is to create a single open market, each consumer their own personal cloud, comprising their digital life—always on, and always available, separate, secure and seamless.

HP Personal Cloud Web App

Martini Media

Martini Media is where influence meets affluence. Martini Media conducted a research study focsed on luxury brands. We created this infographic in order to highlight some of the main points of the study and illustrate Martini Media's role as industry leaders in the online space for luxury brands.

Martini Media Infographic

Callaway Golf

As part of a large email prospect and CRM strategy that we setup for Callaway Golf, this email creative was specifically part of their prospect campaign. It was redesigned not only to have a more edgy feel, but also optimized for mobile. Using media query CSS, we able to bump up the sze of text and buttons while the boxes translated perfectly to smaller device screens.

Callaway Golf

It's Always Nice Having A "Switch Hitter" On The Team