Guerilla Campaign

Concepting, Art Direction, Design and Development

Launched December 2010


Save Kyrie's Toe is a campaign generated in late 2010 to support Kyrie Irving , injured Duke Blue Devils basketball player and now star NBA player. It started with an idea, and by the next day had turned into t-shirts and a six-person team shooting a video. While video editing was being completed I worked on branding, UI design and technical requirements of the microsite, such as the ability to post personal messages to Kyrie called "shoutouts".

The campaign went viral almost immediately thanks in part to Kyrie himself tweeting about the video right after posting. In the first two days, we saw 20,000 Youtube views, 7,000 site visits, 1,000 Facebook Likes and 700+ Shoutouts.

  • Your toe getting better = the best Christmas present ever. Get better toe!

    Shoutout from Bethany Horstman, Centreville, VA
  • No one can go toe to toe with Kyrie! From the biggest Duke fan in Bloomington, Indiana

    Shoutout from Frank Van Allen, Bloomington, IN
  • I'm so happy that all these people are showing you their love. I am adding mine.

    Shoutout from Rhoda Gecker, Springfield, NJ

Save Kyries Toe
From There The Movement Grew...

to include Facebook and Twitter pages, got several repeated mentions from national sportswriters and even more press thanks to Kyrie who wrote one of the campaign slogans on his protective boot while injured.

  • Save Kyries Toe
  • Save Kyries Toe
  • Now, thanks to a clever video that caught the attention of the man (and his toe) to which it is dedicated, Save Kyrie's Toe is officially a college basketball Internet trend.

    ESPN Blog
    Save Kyries Toe
  • Will you make the difference this holiday season? Will you consider the welfare of others and focus on the greater good? Will you help "Save Kyrie‚Äôs Toe?"

    NBC Sports Blog
    Save Kyries Toe
  • The vision was simple, and it came immediately, according to Brandon Curl, one of the six people involved with launching

    CBS Sports Blog
    Save Kyries Toe
Save Kyries Toe
Save Kyries Toe

 In collaboration with Brandon Curl and Joshua Glick


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