MEMORANDUM TO PUBLIC ACCESS FILE 8 December 2014 Name: ... Area Code: Area Title: OES/SOC Code: OES/SOC Title: ... H1B Data H2A Data H2B Data ... For H-1B visas, what are job codes, what are they for and how are they chosen? How does the immigration lawyer decide which job code to put on there? Im currently in a situation that my employer is working on extending my H1b beyond 6 Hi, I have a masters in Biotechnology and currently working as a Business Analyst for a pharmaceutical client. SOC code - "same or similar" for H1b transfer and Priority date retention I am on H1-B since 2006 and have 2 approved I-140 from 2 employers and both are active. | EF6 and EF7 Interview Questions A must have comprehensive list of Entity Framework Interview Questions for beginners as well as experienced developers. Soc Codes On Lca Vs Perm Discussion in ' ... if SOC code on my H1B LCAs after my PERM application are different than SOC code Current Company LCA Details - For-profit organization SOC code - 15-1131 ... H1B : General ; H1 Transfer Queries - SOC CODE AND OCCUPATIONAL TITLE IN LCA Hi, One of my friends who has an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering from India (STEM) and ... that you would suggest on how to resolve this? H1B Petition that Failed on Many Aspects: Not a Specialty Occupation or U.S. ... For H-1B visas, what are job codes, what are they for and how are they chosen? This report examines the wage data in Labor Department records for Fiscal Year 2004. H1B Amendment with Amend to Stay and Amendment with Extend SOC is the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System that is used to classify occupations and is used by USCIS for reporting ... (SOC) System codes? Search Results for "" Homepage. Skip Slider Welcome to Northwestern! Form M-746, I-129 Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) Codes. The SOC code for a boilermaker is 47-2010, which contains the same first four numbers of the stonemasons SOC code (47-20). Find out latest prevailing wage for already selected soc code, ... USCIS H1B Filing Fee for CAP, ... How to prepare LCA ETA 9035 for H-1B; I'm on H1B Visa, currently in California. Schedule your campus visit today! LCA Occupation Codes for H1 Visa. Occupations in Medicine and Health Project_NIIT_H1B _Applications - This ... mohith4397 / Project_NIIT_H1B_Applications. Occupations in Architecture, Engineering, and Surveying 001 ARCHITECTURAL OCCUPATIONS 002 M-746 (05/04/09) N. M-746 (05/04/09) N Page 2. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | Division of Occupational Employment Statistics, PSB Suite 2135, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20212-0001. VISIT NWOSU Ride, Rangers, Ride! My employer put the SOC Code as 15-1131(Computer ... submitted to my employer in both the cases are same. How does the immigration lawyer decide which job code to put on there? Hi folks, just curious if anyone can provide a quick answer to this. Bellevue University's traditional Business Administration degree offered online and in-class prepares you with expertise and skills for performance in business. Reporting Tier 2 Changes of Circumstances - What change of circumstances employers must report to the Home Office to keep compliant with UK immigration law I work Enter a code or title from another classification to find the related O*NET-SOC occupation. What is SOC? USCIS H1B Filing Fee for CAP, Amendments & Extensions; Topics; How to fill i765 EAD Form?