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OFF! knows you love Facebook, but sometimes you need some time away without the pressure of checking in. OFF! Hideout wants to help you protect your personal space at the times you need it most, by letting you enjoy your Facebook friendships from a distance.

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Fantasy Brands

Fantasy Brands works much like fantasy football or any other fantasy sport. You pick players and earn points based on how they perform. Of course, instead of athletes, your team will be full of brands advertising during the Super Bowl. Pick one brand for each of five categories while staying under the $100 salary cap. Then earn points based on how those brands perform across several independent ad metrics on game day. The team with the most points wins.

There were a variety of metrics that were used to measure the impact of Super Bowl advertising. In order to gain a comprehensive measure, we will be equally weighting the metrics from four sources to produce an overall score out of 100 for each brand (Ace Metric, Brand Bowl, Social Bowl and USA Today Ad Meter).

Led by Budweiser’s overall second-place finish (17.00 points) including first-place finishes in the USA Today Ad Meter and at Ace Metrix, Team "Dadsteam" consisting of Audi, Budweiser,, Century 21 and Oreo finished with a game-high 64.97 points. "Dadstream" was also the father of Fantasy Brand's cofounder, Brandon Curl. When notified of his victory, Curl responded via text message by saying, “You have got to be kidding me!?” He was later informed that we weren't.

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  • Fantasy Brands

Shark #ReelInWrinkles Pinterest Campaign

Shark Professional Irons wants people to take on the persona of the deadliest press. The #ReelInWrinkles board provides followers a How-To on folding their own wrinkled fish and submit for other Shark enthusiasts to see.

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  • Shark Pinterest

It's Always Nice Having A "Switch Hitter" On The Team