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Updated December 2012

Wine Spectator Interactive Print Ad
Interactive Print Ad

By placing smart phone over the print ad and accessing provided URL, users discover what kind of wine Wine Spectator suggests for the described evening. This interactive print ad is a channel that will ultimately lead users to the Find Your Chateau Mobile App and to use it when making their own wine selections.

Wine Spectator Interactive Print Ad
Acquired Taste Column + 12 Month Sample

Upon a new subscription to Wine Spectator, the subscriber will receive twelve bottles of wine, one for each month. Every issue will feature the "Acquired Taste" section spotlighting the selected wine and seasonal information of the region that produced it, offering a simple way for the subscriber to acquire knowledge and taste for different regions.

Wine Spectator Subscription
Wine Spectator Interactive Print Ad
Wine Spectator Mobile App Icon
Find Your Chateau Mobile App

The user provides weather, activity, and location information to receive wine suggestions.


Suggestions are listed in descending order of rating points and users can access information on where to buy or taste a wine, as well as save it for later reference within the app.

Wine Spectator Mobile App
Wine Event at Whole Foods

Wine Spectator will host an event at Whole Foods where attendees can sample wines selected for certain weather, activity, and location criteria. Attendees will acquire knowledge of selected wines as well as be prompted to use Find Your Chateau Mobile App and of the Acquired Taste + 12 Month Sample.

Wine Spectator Interactive Print Ad

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