Look Up

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Updated November 2012

We’re born to be explorers.
From that low vantage point, everything above us
was something that'd never been seen before.
But as we grow up, gravity seems to force our gaze down.

What captivates us, distracts us.
What impresses us, is beneath us.
We spend so much time looking for something
new on the ground that we forget… All we have to do is…

Look Up

How Does NASA Get People to Look Up?

NASA installs a blue light bulb onto the International Space Station. While bright enough to be visible from Earth, the light bulb is estimated to only cost $3,000 to install. The campaign would allow the world to track it's position and become part of a worldwide movement to look up.

“Slacktivism” Becomes Productive

With increased budget cuts and privatization of the astronautical travel, NASA has become less prevalent in our minds. Today, many causes and efforts have picked up support on social networking sites. While people share and like material related to a cause, they rarely want to put any effort in beyond that. The goal of the campaign is to keep NASA top of mind and offer young users a new and easy way to express their interest to their representatives.

The NASA Web App provides a new and easy way for young users to express their interest to their representatives via Twitter.

1  Connect via Twitter and Find Your Congressman
NASA Web App
2  View Supporters via Google Earth

NASA's partnership with Google gives you the power to explore the world and see who on Earth has tweeted their support… and who is looking up.

NASA Web App
3  Your Constellation

See how many of the people you follow and your followers support NASA and work to make your constellation include all of your connections.

NASA Web App
NASA Mobile App
NASA Mobile App
NASA Mobile App
Mobile Glowing App

App gives off a pulsating blue glow when the International Space Station is overhead.

NASA Mobile App

Learn more about the International Space Station and other endeavors from NASA

Google Homepage Takeover

Google often changes its homepage in relation to an event or cause. On July 29th, the page will feature a NASA theme in honor of the agency’s birthday. The Google logo will, for the first time, sit below the search bar as it supports its already existing partnership with NASA while the search button will promote the campaign message.

NASA Google Homepage
NASA SxSW Interactive
NASA Sky Lounge

At SXSW, it’s common for hosts and sponsors to provide lounges. NASA, in order to promote its campaign towards technology savvy individuals, will offer Sky Lounges that bring stars, planets, and space indoors for them to enjoy.

NASA SxSW Interactive

NASA SxSW Interactive

Guests will be able to recline and look up at the night sky when indoors.

NASA SxSW Interactive

A prompt will periodically pulsate and prompt guests to visit the web app.

 In collaboration with Copywriter Stu Rubin


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