Unleash The Snackin'

Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration, Design Execution

Updated December 2012

Package and Logo Redesign

Burlap bag redesign of the single serving packaging as lunchbox-sized “booty bags.” Larger, multiple-serving bags have a similar treatment.

Pirate's Booty Packaging
Treasure Chest Pinata Bundle

Single-serve bags are packaged as groups of 12 in a reusable treasure chest pinata. The pinata provides a healthy yet exciting alternative to candy for birthday parties and events. A promotional "Unleash the Snackin'" flag is bundled with every treasure chest pinata. It's printed in 3 different color variations.

Pirate's Booty Treasure Hunt
Pirate's Booty Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt iPad App

Pirate's Booty Treasure Hunt iPad app encourages kids to seek adventure wherever they go. The scavenger-type game features different environments to explore. As each piece of treasure is found and photographed, the game identifies that you've found the correct item. As doubloons are earned, new areas are unlocked—each increases in difficulty from level to level and items become harder to find the more you explore.

Pirate's Booty Treasure Hunt
Cub Scout Weekend

Pirate’s Booty, in partnership with the Cub Scouts, will host a Treasure Hunt event that will allow scouts to earn activity badges towards advancement - such as the “Outdoorsman” and “Geologist” badges - as they search for treasure. Completion of the course will earn them a special patch they can wear on their uniforms.

 Copywriter Mallory Johnson


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